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Sent mail port authentication

We have an Exchange 5.5 Outlook Web Access server running on IIS 5.0 using SSL. When users access it from inside the firewall, they have no problems, but when users access it from outside the firewall, they cannot reply or forward messages. If someone has a message open and clicks on the "reply" icon, the message simply disappears and the user is dropped back to the inbox. Are there different ports used when users reply or forward through OWA?
You only need to open one port in your firewall for access to OWA version 5.5, and it can be either 80 or 443. SSL of course is port 443. Because basic authentication is required to access an OWA server through a firewall, usernames and passwords are sent in clear text. This is why we enable SSL. IIS 5.0, however, allows you to use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). Internet Explorer 5.x and higher supports OWA. If your users are using IE 5.x or higher, that could be one reason they are having difficulty. You might want to reconfigure the Directory Security settings on the Exchange Virtual Directly in IIS to only allow Basic Authentication.

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