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Server permission problems after running Symantec

I built a Win2k server/WinXP Pro, single-server based LAN for a small financial services firm. Everything was working great until the recent worm scare.

After running the Symantec tools to check for Welchia and SoBig, I am unable to create or change any share permissions. (I can create and delete folders on any of the servers' three drives, but I can't share them nor can I change the existing permissions.) The registry is exported prior to any significant changes on both server and clients.

I have seen some references to this problem in the MS KB, but no "fixes" for it. Before I rebuild the server, I am hoping you'll either have an answer or be able to point me in the right direction.

If you are unable to wait for a fix, your only option that I'm aware of is re-installing. Contact Symantec to see if they have a resolution or workaround.

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