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Set network IP to point to Linux system

I am running Win2000 Pro on cable. I used the IP address given to run my applications on the Web. Problem is, I have a Web application on another Linux machine on the LAN which I am trying to share out on the Web. But I could not do this because I have only one public IP address. Is there a way I can set the network IP with another port number on Win2000 to point to the Linux system?

I will tell you how I solve this problem. I use a NAT (Network Address Translation) device in front of my home network. The NAT device provides private IP addresses for all systems on my internal network, and translates outgoing requests to use the public IP address assigned by my cable modem provider. I have configured the NAT device to forward incoming requests to different systems, depending on the port number. So, requests on port 80 are forwarded to my Web server, and requests on other ports are forwarded to the appropriate system.

The specific device I use is the Linksys EtherFast 4-Port Cable/DSL Router

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