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Set up Outlook to use POP3 email and Exchange calendars on Windows SBS

Learn two ways to set up Microsoft Outlook to use POP3 for email while sustaining Windows SBS and Exchange Server shared calendar functionality.

We just installed a Windows Small Business Server (SBS) server for a client. The client wants to make use of Exchange Server shared calendars, but they are not yet ready to give up their hosted POP3 email provider. What is the best way to provide Exchange calendar functionality without causing any issues with their .PST and POP3 configurations?
There are a couple of ways to approach this. You can use Windows SBS' POP3 downloader to automatically pull the email from the POP3 provider and download it into their Exchange mailboxes. You can then give the users a standard Outlook/Exchange profile that can take full advantage of Exchange Server functionality, including shared calendars.

If that is not acceptable, you could still set up an Outlook/Exchange profile, but you should also add the old .PST file to the profile and configure it as the default location for email delivery. You would then add the POP3 provider's account information to the profile so that Microsoft Outlook does the downloading rather than Exchange Server. This solution is a bit more convoluted than the first one, but it may still meet your user's needs.

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