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Set up read-only access for all Exchange Server calendars with the SetPerm utility

How to set up centrally shared Exchange Server calendars for all Active Directory users.

Is there a way to set up all Active Directory users' Exchange Server calendars to be shared centrally, instead of going around to everyone in the company and setting up the share permissions manually? I have tried to use the SetPerm utility, but without any luck. Can you please point me in the right direction?
If you're looking for a centrally shared Exchange calendar, you should set up a calendar within an Exchange public folder and make it accessible (through assigning default author role or as appropriate) to all your users. You'll need to let everyone know the location of this public folder in your Exchange public folder hierarchy, and tell users to add the folder to their Microsoft Outlook favorite folders.

That said, I suspect based on your reference to SetPerm that you're really trying to assign everyone Read permissions to everyone else's Calendar folder within Outlook. If that's the case, you're on the right track. There's no native way aside from using SetPerm to achieve what you're looking for.

Unfortunately, this utility is not well documented, and the only Web site that I'm aware of that even gives SetPerm passing mention is the Microsoft Exchange Blog maintained by Chris Meirick, Neil Hobson and William Lefkovic.

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