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Setting a default mailbox in Exchange 5.5

Using Exchange 5.5, how do you create a mailbox to receive the default mail that comes to a SMTP address without a valid user's box?
What you're looking for sounds like a "catchall" mailbox. Unfortunately, this is not possible with Exchange 5.5. Typically these are used to avoid losing messages in the case where a sender misspells an SMTP address at your domain -- essentially as a way of ensuring you don't lose valuable messages intended for your Exchange users.

With Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 you could theoretically write an event sink to achieve this, though you'd need to have great anti-spam software installed to protect your catchall mailbox from abuse. Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 324021 "How to create a "catchall" mailbox sink for Exchange 2000" describes the specifics of how you could set this up.

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