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Setting a secondary mailbox's deleted items to remain in its Deleted Items folder

SearchExchange.com expert Patricia Guerrero explains how to keep deleted items in a separate Deleted Items folder for each mailbox in an account.

Is there a way for items deleted from a secondary mailbox to remain in that account's Deleted Items folder, instead of going to my primary mailbox's Deleted Items folder? The problem is that several people share this secondary mailbox, and when one person deletes something accidentally, the others are not aware and cannot recover the item.

You may want to restrict the delete items from most users and just assign one or two users to be able to delete. You can use the retention time from the server to be able to undelete items after they have been deleted.


Another option would be to open the email you'd like to send to the secondary Deleted Items folder, click the "Move to Folder" icon and choose the correct Deleted Items folder from the list. There will most likely be two visible, so make sure you choose the correct one. This works for me, although if I try it without opening the email first, it goes to my local Deleted Items.
— Geoff F.

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