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Setting up a logon script for a user that does work in three different time zones

Expert Christa Anderson shows a reader how to use Windows Server 2003 terminal server to set up a logon script for a user that is doing work in three time zones.

Is there a way you can setup a logon script for a user that does work in three different time zones? I need to know if it can automatically display local time as well as local printers per time zone regional office. The user is logging in via Terminal Services 2000 and all terminal servers are located in our main office.

This is easy on a Windows Server 2003 terminal server because time zone redirection is supported through Group Policy Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Terminal Services/Client-Server Data Redirection. Open Allow Time Zone Redirection, and enable it. When the user logs in with the correct time zone set on their computer, it will show up in their RDP session with the locally mapped printers.

Unfortunately, this isn't natively supported on Windows 2000 terminal servers. There are some third-party products that support this capability.

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