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Setting up a two-way trust between native mode domain and a newly acquired NT4 domain

I set up a Win2k domain in native mode, since I did not anticipate ever needing to connect to an NT4 domain. But now I find that I need to set up a two-way trust with an NT4 domain at a branch office acquired through a merger. Can a trust be set under this circumstance? Is the procedure the same as under NT4? Thanks for your time!
A trust can be set up. Use the Windows 2000 Domains and Trusts MMC. Right click on the AD domain and click on Properties. Click the Trusts tab. It works pretty much like the NT 4.0 domain one. You will need to make sure that they can find each other -- WINS will be the most reliable method. So check that both NT 4.0 DCs and AD DCs have properly registered entries.

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