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Setting up domain controlling with DHCP with two scopes and DNS

I am looking at setting up a Windows 2003 domain controller running DHCP with two scopes and DNS. Can you give me any pointer to aid me towards this goal?
Setting up the DNS is really the biggest deal here. If this is your first Domain Controller then you are actually creating the domain. Prior to this you will want to understand your DNS structure, as it will lay the foundation for the Windows Active Directory. The biggest deal is how the DNS Zone will be named, setting its place in the overall Internet architecture. Will you use a DNS zone that is private? Will it be public? Will it be subordinate to a larger domain?

In my opinion, you should name the domain according to a private scheme, which is typically based on an Internet parent zone. For example, if your company is called Widgits.com, you will have claimed the Widgets.com name on the Internet. Internally in your corporation I would suggest calling the domain corp.widgets.com or local.widgets.com. In this way your domain is separated from the external world. This helps humans distinguish between what is public knowledge and what is private. This does add a slight complexity to Exchange implementations, but it is only minor.

DHCP is rather easy to set up and shouldn't be a problem. Running DHCP on a domain controller is considered a small security risk. If there is another server, you might want to put DHCP on it instead. File servers often can run DHCP without impacting other services. But, if you are controller costs – continue as you planned.

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