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Several problems occurring after upgrade from Small Business 2000 to 2003

I upgraded from Small Business 2000 to Small Business 2003 and followed Microsoft's update guide step by step. Now I'm having these intermittent problems and unable to locate any fixes on TechNet:

1) Workstations losing domain registration information (this happens with PCs that are using DHCP and PCs with static IP addresses, IP addresses registered in DNS).

2) Intermittently cannot connect to Exchange server using Outlook. I get a retry message, accept retry and eventually get slow server response message and connects.

3) Backup doesn't always see Exchange mailbox. The Backup exec for Windows 2003 Small Business Edition and Exchange service is installed and loaded.

None of the errors in the system or application log produce any matches when searching on Microsoft. DNS is NOT producing any errors. Exchange is not generating any errors. Where do I fix this problem?
This may not be an issue with the servers, but with the network. Check the log files on the clients for additional clues. Windows 2000/XP and Exchange rely heavily on DNS, and if the workstations can't reach a DNS server, authentication becomes a big issue. You may want to look at the network infrastructure, including the routers, switches, hubs and cabling. Is there a flood of network traffic (legitimate or not) that is overloading the network. Also, do the outages occur at specific times of the day? Is it possible the server's network card is overwhelmed and can't handle the volume of file/print, Exchange, Authentication, and DNS traffic being thrown at it? If you are using Multi-homed NIC cards, check that they are configured correctly. I would also temporarily turn off Dynamic DNS if your network is using it to see if this is causing any issues.

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