Share a user's calendar without giving access to the entire mailbox

Need to share a user's calendar without giving another user access to the entire mailbox? Exchange Server administration expert Bharat Suneja explains your options.

In Exchange Server 2003, do you know of a tool or a method to share a user's calendar without sharing everything (from the Security field in Active Directory Users and Computers). I am unable to log in as the user at this time, and the user is out of the office.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) does not have a security line. The only way that I have found is to configure a second user to have rights to this account, give this new user enough rights to open the account and share the target user's calendar using Microsoft Outlook.

You are right. You can allow another user to access this user's mailbox. This will also allow the other user to access the entire mailbox.

To assign permissions on individual folders like the Calendar, you would need to log in as the user. Alternatively, you could use ExMerge to export the user's calendar folder/mailbox and let the other user have the .PST file (or copy of his/her mailbox).

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