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Should I allow our BES to access my personal POP3 email account?

Find out if you should keep your personal POP3 email information off of a BlackBerry that runs on a corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Our office uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), and I presently have my work BlackBerry configured to receive my personal email (POP3). However, all my messages are appearing in the BlackBerry's default folder. Is my personal email going through the BES, and if so, how private is my personal email?
I've used this feature in a similar fashion, and I do not recommend it. While I've never had any reason to believe my personal messages were directly exposed to the BES, the fact that I had to provide my POP3 account information was not something that I liked. I also feel that the "default" inbox is confusing, and I sometimes found myself accidently replying or creating a new message using the wrong email address.

My opinion would be to not keep corporate BES email and personal POP3 email on the same device. As an alternative, Google does have an impressive Gmail application for BlackBerry devices that you can use to separate all of your POP3 accounts.

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