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Should I follow the ERP or CCNA certification process?

I am an MCA. Can you guide me in deciding which career path is better: ERP or CCNA certification? I am inefficient in programming skills.
I just learned that an MCA is an Indian degree called "Master's of Computer Applications." FYI, we don't have such a degree here in the U.S. (Someone with your training would typically obtain either a Master of Arts, Master of Science, MS in computer science, MIS, or some engineering discipline). Given your background, the CCNA is too entry-level to add much to your existing credentials. If you wanted to become certified in some Cisco area, I'd recommend looking at one of the Cisco Professional certifications (CCNP, CCDP, CCIP, or CCSP) or perhaps even at the CCIE. ERP is an interesting area, but only SAP (and this week, PeopleSoft) offer ERP certifications.

My advice is to dig into Cisco and SAP offerings and see what interests you most, then to follow your interest wherever they might lead you. Good luck with your career planning and development.

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