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Should I get certified on Win2k if I work at a non-profit company?

After completing my MCSE track on NT4 five years ago, I was promoted to Network Admin in a non-profit hospital. We still haven't moved to a Win2k domain structure yet, and even when it happens I am not involved in the planning. I was told by a headhunter that staying here longer will hurt my career, because companies like people that move every few years because they get varied experience. Being non-profit, there is not much money for training, and the pay is mediocre. I am still not certified on Win2k yet. Should I stay here and self study to upgrade my certification before moving on, or cut the cord now and make a jump into a more progressive environment?
During the same time your company has stayed put in the old pre-AD domain structure, most other companies have indeed moved into Active Directory domains (even if only in a small way, rather than whole hog). I'd urge you to stay put long enough to certify on Windows 2000, and plan to take the Windows Server 2003 upgrade exams (70-292 and 70-296) within a year of completing your MCSE on Windows 2000.

Your question was a very good one, so I hope you think the same of my answer. Do feel free to post further questions, or to e-mail me directly at etittel@techtarget.com.

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