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Should I log in as an administrator or a power user in Win2000 Pro?

How do I set up my computer so that I can choose to log in as administrator or as a power user? My OS is Win2000 Pro but my computer is not running as fast as I expected it. I just read in the M-tech computers Web page that when running Win2000 Pro, one should log in as a power user because administrator login uses an additional 41 programs to help the administrator to administer a network.
I'm fairly sure the 41 programs in question are not loaded when the administrator logs in, but are part of the set of tools made available to an administrator in Windows 2000. The best way to log in as one of the two types of users is just to create separate user accounts with each set of needed credentials and log in as needed. If you could provide me with a link to the page where you read about this, I'd appreciate it.

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