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Should I pursue Windows 2000 certification or look towards Windows Server 2003?

I am new to certification, and I'm thinking of attaining MCSA before I graduate from college with an A.S. degree in Network Administration. Should I pursue certification for Windows 2000, because it's more widespread in the corporate world, or stay up to date and look towards Server 2003?
Great question! If you're expecting to go to work in the next year, Windows 2000 is probably your best bet. If you won't graduate until fall of 2004 or later, Windows 2000 is still not a bad bet, but as more time goes by, Windows Server 2003 becomes an increasingly good bet. But if you're planning on working sooner rather than later, go for Windows 2000 now, then take the upgrade exam (70-292) next year; that way, you can cover both bases!

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