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Should I still get certified in NT4?

I have a question in regard to whether I should still get certified in NT4. I have only one elective to take. I noted that you have listed four tests from the original NT4. My understanding is that you could take some of the 2000 tests, too, including the Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server clustering services or the SQL 2000 tests. Am I right? Thanks in advance.
My reading of the requirements as stated is that only those exams I listed before would qualify for what you might call a "post-mortem Windows NT 4.0 MCSE." If you want to seek other alternatives, you'll need to contact the folks at Microsoft to get an official ruling. Although my colleague and former co-author Andy Ruth is involved with the MCSA program there, I'm sure he can point you at the right person to rule. You can send him an e-mail. If those exams won't fit the bill for you, why not contact him and ask for a pointer to the program person for MCSE? Good luck! Please let me know how this turns out.

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