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Should I study for the Win2k MCSE, or start with NT4 first?

I'm ready to start studying for the Win2k MCSE, but should I study NT4 first because there are still many companies/organizations...

out there that use NT4? Many job qualifications still mention NT4. What's your suggestion? You've tapped on to a great fact of life in the workplace:

  1. There's the world that vendors like Microsoft test on for current certifications.
  2. There's the world of products and platforms that companies and organizations actually use in the workplace.

When you're lucky, those two worlds overlap and coincide; when you're not, they don't. In this case, it would probably behoove you to study and work with NT4 to meet workplace requirements. But alas, you will also need to study and learn Windows 2000 if you wish to become MCSE certified.

My advice is to concentrate on what's going to do you the most good employmentwise, and to pursue MS certification only if it's an employment requirement. Otherwise, you can concentrate on NT4, and let the MCSE wait until you really need it. On the other hand, if you must have both, consider pursuing an MCSA in the short run and saving the MCSE for later. Less work that way.

Good luck,

This was last published in August 2002

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