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Simple ways to set message size limits in Exchange 2013

Trying to increase message size limits but hitting a brick wall? Try this simple trick.

We have our message size limits in Exchange 2013 set to 9 MB. We set the message limit higher, but the settings...

won't take. Any idea about how we fix this?

When you say "won't take," it would be interesting for you to elaborate on what you mean. If you mean that when you make the change via the Exchange Admin Center it does not actually update in the GUI, then you may need to double-check your browser settings and ensure that the Exchange Admin Center is added to a Security Zone in Internet Explorer such as the Intranet Zone.

If you instead mean that you have made the change in one place and it actually updated but did not made any difference, then it often means you have not made the change in all the required places. In Exchange Server, we're blessed with the ability to alter message size limits in a number of places -- when a message enters the server, via a Receive connector, while it is in transport within the server and when it exits the server via a Send connector. If one of these is not raised, you may find that the setting "won't take."

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If you haven't done so already, make the change via the Exchange Admin Center under Mail Flow against the Receive connectors for every server and against the Send connector. These limits define the maximum sizes that can get in as well as get out of your organizations.

You'll also need to change the message size limits in one final place to ensure this setting is consistent across Exchange. On either the Receive or Send connector tab, you can click the More Options (…) tab and select Organizational Transport Settings. In the Limits tab, increase both Maximum Receive and Maximum Send sizes to your new value.

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Steve Goodman is an Exchange MVP and works as a technical architect for one of the U.K.'s leading Microsoft Gold partners. Goodman has worked extensively with Microsoft Exchange since version 5.5 and Office 365 since its origins in Exchange Labs and [email protected]

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