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Software development or networking

I have completed the MCSE and 3.5 years at a private institute for software engineer. I have a Bachelor of Commerce...

degree from Delhi University. I am already in the field of computers with two years experience.

I want to relocate and need a job in either the USA, Canada or Australia. However, I have not been able to get a software degree yet. I want to go into the networking and system administration fields. I as well know programming in C++, VB, etc.

So, should I go into software development or networking? Can you also tell me about sites where you can apply online?

With the combination of your technical skills and business/finance education, you have a solid foundation for a productive career in information technology. The key to your continued success will be to build on your knowledge base with additional technical training and hands-on experience.

Your background seems ideally suited for networking. Innovative developments in wireless technologies, increased reliance on the Internet and an emphasis on safeguarding internal systems are currently driving demand for skilled networking professionals. In fact, it is the most in-demand skill set according to CIOs surveyed in RHI Consulting's latest Hot Jobs Report.

Once you have committed to a certain specialty, whether it be networking or software development, you should seek -- and continue to over the course of your career -- advanced training opportunities that support your expertise.

If you have not had much luck posting your resume on the larger "generalist" job boards, consider a more focused approach. Job boards and staffing firms that focus on a particular specialty (i.e., IT, networking) or region (i.e., Silicon Valley, Boston, New York) offer employers a more targeted candidate base and in turn increase the chances of your resume being seen.

This was last published in June 2001

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