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Solaris certification for MCSE

I plan to upgrade my MCSE but I recently started working for a company as a network administrator and I desperately need to learn more about Sun's Solaris 8, since we have over 30 servers that run this OS. My first start would be with the cramsessions but I am also wondering if you can recommend any other books that may help me prepare. I already have a basic understanding of the OS, but I think that it's a good idea to get certified for two reasons. First I like to get certified for a product that I have experience with. Second, I find that one of the best ways of to learn about a product is if you actually pursue certification for this product because the topics are very relevant. Do you have any suggestions? (I do not want to take the Sun classes. They are way too expensive.)

Ivan Filipov, A+ Network+ MCSE, (Soon to be Sun certified

When it comes to Solaris certification-- having no personal experience in that area--I have to rely on published reports and conversations with people who are experts to provide useful information. The Syngress Media/New Riders book, Solaris 7 Administrator Certification Training Guide: Part I and Part II by Bill Calkins, get pretty good reviews. And I'd be surprised if New Riders weren't working on a Solaris 8 title for delivery some time soon.

According to the Sun education site, the Solaris 8 exams are just coming out this month, so you're certainly early on the curve. This also explains why I can't find anything by way of braindumps, books, practice tests, and so forth--it's too early to look for aftermarket support just yet. If you have to get up to speed on Solaris 8 NOW, taking courses from Sun Education is probably not just your best bet; it's also your only bet. Too bad it's too expensive. Unless you can wait, you have no other choices at present. For more information, visit: Solaris 8 Certification FAQs.

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