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Some clients 'missing' from domain

I have an NT 4.0(SP6a) network with one PDC and one BDC. Several NT 4 (SP6a) workstations cannot be seen in Network Neighborhood, but they log on to the domain with no problem. After numerous attempts at reloading the network services, renaming the PC, etc., I've found the only thing to do is reload NT entirely, overwriting the existing version. Surely there has to be a better answer?!
Try removing the "missing" clients from the domain by turning them into workgroup members, then rejoining the domain. If that fails, check the settings for the Browser service in the registry. The clients should be set to No and the servers to Auto. You may need to wait up to 30 minutes for some clients to appear in the network due to how the browser service updates its resource lists. If that fails, performing an upgrade install to repair a possible driver or system file problem may be the only other option short of a clean/fresh/new install.

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