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Some users unable to access some servers through My Network Places

I have an issue. What's happening is that when some users click on My Network Places-Entire Network-MS Windows Network, the list of servers shows up, but when they click on one server a message pops up saying not accessible, path not found. But if they click on another server, they are able to access the shares on that network. If another user tries to connect to the same network that user1 tried (and was not able to access), they are able to access it. Also user1 is able to access the network if they type the address in. I looked at my WINS server and the config seems to be fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
First verify that the user accounts do not have blank passwords. Next, make sure the user has access to at least one share on the server. You may have a DNS/WINS error. Make sure your HOSTS and LMHOSTS files are either correct or not in use. Also, make sure the client users log into the domain and not locally.

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