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Spam email filling up BADMAIL folder in Exchange Server

When spam and other email messages fill up the BADMAIL folder, it can cause Exchange storage issues. Microsoft's BadMailAdmin.exe tool helps keep the BADMAIL folder below its size limit.

I have an Exchange 2000 client that appears to be a target of a large spammer. The Exchange server is receiving about 10,000 email messages hourly, which is filling up the BADMAIL folder weekly and causing the disk to run out of space. Currently, we have turned off non-delivery reports (NDRs); we would prefer to simply send them normally -- but not retain the messages, just delete them.
Microsoft is aware of the BADMAIL folder issue. In Exchange 2003 Service Pack 1 the default settings disable the BADMAIL folder and make it an administrative decision to utilize it.

There is a nice post-SP1 tool (BadMailAdmin.exe) that is available in Exchange 2003 that automates the maintenance of the BADMAIL folder. You can also use this tool for Exchange 2000.

BadMailAdmin.exe tool is used to automatically delete, disable or archive messages in the BADMAIL folder. You can use the Windows task scheduler to automate the tool and keep your clients BADMAIL folder below its size limit.

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