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Specializing in networking or systems administration

I have 7 years+ IT experience, mostly in providing support to PCs and peripherals and desktop/server OS like WIN98, NT, 2K, Novell and LAN. I am not a core networking or systems administration person, although I have good knowledge in both. Now I want to focus on either sysadmin or networking. I don't have experience on WAN equipment like routers and all. Please advice where I should concentrate / update.
It sounds to me that you should probably focus your efforts on some kind of platform oriented system/network administration credential. Given that Windows is more popular these days than Novell, I'd recommend looking into the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) credentials. You can find out more about them through www.microsoft.com/mcp/ (follow the link to "Microsoft Certifications" in the left-hand column of the resulting Web page.

If you wanted to get involved in WAN/networking infrastructure stuff--which it sounds to me like you don't--you'd probably be better served by digging into Cisco certifications instead.

Thanks for posting and hope this helps! Good luck in planning and executing your next career moves.

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