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Sporadic printing problem for session printers

We have got a sporadic printing problem ( after some time printing Suddenly stops ) for session printers on Windows Data Center OS which is on a Unisys server using Terminal Services. This problem is resolved when we restart the server. Microsoft documentation says that after installing Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, this problem starts. They have given a hot fix for the problem but recommended to wait for the next service pack.

We have Service Pack 5 on all servers. On servers with Windows 2000 Server we are not facing such problems, but with Windows 2000 Data Center (Service Pack 5) we are facing this problem. Can you help us out?
There isn't a Service Pack 5 out yet for Windows 2000, so I'm assuming that you mean Service Pack 4. I'd try installing the recommended hotfix since not all hotfixes post-SP3 made it into SP4.

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