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Spyware slowing Exchange to a crawl

We have Exchange 2000 and it has slowed to a crawl with spyware. The e-mail end seems to be running OK, but logging into a remote session or console takes all night. We use various spyware tools but it still gets clogged. Any suggestions?
One of the problems I have had with spyware running on servers is memory consumption. It seems to get worse the more packages you run simultaneously as well. It would help me to know the exact tools you are using, but here are some general suggestions:

  1. Research known bugs with each tool. If the vendor doesn't have any info, try to search the Internet for it.

  2. Use System Monitor to troubleshoot. Microsoft KB article 248345 details how to create a log and also lists which counters to monitor for potential memory leaks.

  3. Disable any feature of the spyware product(s) that is not necessary 24/7.

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