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Stop a desktop from hanging while applying computer settings

I have a desktop that keeps hanging while applying computer settings. I disconnect the network cable and let it go to the ALT+CTRL+DEL for logon screen, re-connect the cable and logon to the network fine -- or I can boot locally fine. However, if the cable is connected at time of boot, it has a long delay at applying network settings and then completely hangs at applying computer settings.

I have removed TCP/IP from the domain and then added it back. I have used a static IP and DHCP and received the same results. I updated NIC drivers, applied Win2k SP4 and it still doesn't work. I can plug another machine into this connection and it works. I can plug this machine into another connection but that won't work. I went into DNS on the server and deleted the DNS entry for the machine and let it add back, but that didn't work either. I did a flushdns on the machine, but that didn't help. The other machines are working fine.
One other possibility -- see if another NIC, added to the machine, produces the same results. If it does, then there's a good chance your network stack has become corrupted and needs to be rebuilt. To do this, use the command NETSH INTERFACE IP RESET OUTPUT.TXT, which rebuilds the TCP/IP stack and logs the results to a file named OUTPUT.TXT. I've solved some very thorny network problems this way.

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