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Stopping IE AutoComplete

How do I get rid of my search requests? For example, I use Google.com, and every time I type in a letter in the search box, I get everything I ever searched for that starts with that letter! How can I stop this from happening?

You're talking about a feature called AutoComplete in Internet Explorer. It's supposed to make typing faster, but there are definite privacy concerns if other people use your computer. You can disable it by following these steps:

1. Open the Tools menu and click Internet Options.
2. Click the Content tab.
3. Click AutoComplete.
4. Deselect the appropriate AutoComplete check boxes.
5. Click OK twice.

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Do not confuse cookies, autocomplete, and what google search remembers about you. There's "clear search history" setting in your google account.
It's fairly easy to wipe out your Search History. Go to SETTINGS, then ADVANCED SETTINGS, then CLEAR BROWSING DATA (under the PRIVACY section. But unless you've been poking into places where you don't belong, why would you want to do that...? That's the mechanism that brings up the data you want almost instantly. If it's your private computer, in a place that doesn't have prying eyes around you, I'd keep the history. It's just letting you use some the data that Google already knows.
Clear your search history. It might just be Google thinking for you and auto completing your search request based on their prior requests. example if a million people searched for "buffalo chicken recipe", as soon as you start typing a match like "bullalo ch" it may auto fill in the rest. It's just to save us from typing the whole request.
Turned it off in the advanced settings.