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Store.exe is using 99% of my CPU

Store.exe running on my Exchange 2000 SP2 server is using 99% of the CPU! How can I find what's the problem with my server? Please help me.
The most common cause of this I have seen lately is antivirus software. If you have antivirus software running, turn it off and see if the CPU usage by the store process settles down. You may even need to stop and restart the Information Store service to achieve the desired effect. CA's InoculateIT version 6.0 is one known example of this, as documented in MS KB article 327332, Store.exe process causes 99-100 percent CPU utilization.

If it's not antivirus software causing the problem, you might consider turning on diagnostic logging for the Information Store in Exchange System Manager. You might have a message loop, bad message or a corrupt database.

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