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Strip attachments to e-mails forwarded to mobile devices

I am attempting to forward e-mails to an address that will be picked up by a user on a mobile phone. (The e-mail address is not a company address, rather a contact I have added). A lot of these mails will have large attachments, which no doubt will greatly increase the cost from the phone company. What I was hoping to do was strip the attachments off the forwarded mails, as the user will only need to see the text of the mail. I'm not 100% sure how to achieve this, but would sure appreciate any pointers you could give me.
If you know all the SMTP domains associated with the mobile devices (i.e., mobile.provider1.com, provider2.com, etc.), one simple solution you may want to try is to restrict the size of messages that can be sent to these domains.

Alternatively, if you have a gateway antivirus scanner, you may be able to apply specific rules to strip attachments sent to specific addresses.

Finally if these are of no avail, you may want to search your favorite Internet search engine for "strip attachments" to find third-party solutions to meet your requirements.

Hope that helps!

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