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Suppressing the patch reboot in WSUS

An admin is having problems with his WSUS patch system. The restart pop-up message in WSUS keeps showing up to users. Even after the admin delayed the message, it still shows up once a day. He wants to know if there's a way to suppress the patch reboot in WSUS, or he can customize the pop-up message by adding more text.

I'm having problems with my WSUS patch system. After implementing the WSUS, the restart pop-up message keeps showing up to users. My users tend to forget to shut down their systems. I have delayed the restart pop-up message from 5 minutes to 1440 minutes, but users still see this message once a day.

The rationale is that we do not want users who aren't IT-savvy users to restart their machines without saving their important documents. It's quite annoying to see that pop-up message. Is there a way to suppress the patch reboot in WSUS? Is there a way to customize the pop-up by adding more text into the message to give users more meaningful instruction?

I've found a tip that describes how to do this courtesy of the folks at the JSI FAQ site. The tip is a batch file that can be run from Startup batch fileto suppress the Automatic Update reboot warnings.

To the best of my knowledge, the message itself cannot be customized, but I imagine you could put a pop-up notice in this script of some kind without too much difficulty. For instance, the first lines of the script could be an ECHO message that provides the needed text, followed by a PAUSE command to wait for user input.

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