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Symantec update injured Outlook

I just installed Symantec's new antivirus update. It told me to reboot. After that, I opened Outlook and all my drafts, mail -- incoming and sent -- was gone and my configurations had disappeared.

Symantec wants to charge me $30 just for me to ask a question.

What can I do?

I took a look around to see if it was a documented issue, but I could not find anything, so my advice would be to escalate the issue. If you installed an update to a licensed product and it reconfigured your client and potentially deleted your mail, then you should be able to at least get a credit for your support call. On a positive note, there is a good chance that you mail is still intact. Most programs and updates to programs do not modify the "data" directories. Even if the client is misconfigured you probably just need to update the path to the data.

I'm afraid the best bet might be to bite the $30 bullet, get the help you need right away, and try to get a credit/refund if it is in fact the Symantec update's fault.

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