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Sysprep won't run on my server

Why doesn't sysprep run on my server? I am studying for my MCSE 70-215. I created a directory on the c: drive called deployment tools. I then inserted my CD in the server. In Windows Explorer I looked for d:supporttoolsdeploy.cab and I extracted them to c:deployment tools.

I then attempted to run sysprep in the deployment tools folder, but I got the following error message: "There is an incompatibility between this tool and the current operating system; unable to continue." I tried the server where I work and I got the same message on that server.

I thought downloading the recent version (sysprep 1.1) from the Microsoft site would solve the problem, but it didn't. I downloaded Service Pack 3 and tried to install that, but there was an error as the server has not got an Internet connection.

This probably indicates that your server is corrupted. I would re-install Windows 2000 Server then attempt to use sysprep.

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