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System doesn't complete the defrag cycle

I have an issue with defragging my hard drive. The computer completes roughly 50% of the defragmentation but quits due to certain files. The files are the disk restore points (10 files). I have XP home edition, SP2, with the latest updates. What can I do to make the computer complete the defrag cycle?
On the whole, I wouldn't worry about this. The reason why Windows's built-in defragmentation program does not move these files is because they are considered system files and are therefore immovable. A third-party defragmentation program might be able to move these, but that's extra money -- and for the most part defragging the System Restore stores isn't really needed since they are almost never read from in the first place. The only time the computer needs to read from them extensively is when you're performing a System Restore operation to begin with, and the total amount of overhead incurred by fragmentation in such a case is negligible.

One quick way to get around this is to simply turn off System Restore for the duration of the defrag cycle, and then turn it back on again when you're done.

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