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Take 2000 MCSE/MCSA classes or wait for 2003 classes?

My local colleges do not yet offer a 2003 MCSE/MCSA certification track. They currently only offer a 2000 MCSE/MCSA track. If my ultimate goal is an MCSE or MCSA, should I get certified in 2000 and take additional exams (and if so which ones)? Or should I wait until a school near me offers the 2003 program?
Funny you should ask this question. My last Windows certification tip was entitled Stick with Windows 2000 or switch to Windows Server 2003 certifications? and dealt with this very issue. Read it over, and if you have any follow up questions, feel free to post here or e-mail me directly.

The short version of that story, given your circumstances as described in your message, is this: Get the Win2000 credit(s) in the short run, then take the upgrade exam(s) in the slightly longer run to prepare yourself for Windows Server 2003. If history is any guide -- and it usually is -- most companies and organizations won't migrate to Win2k3 for at least another year or two. I hope that helps, and thanks for writing.

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