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Taking the primary domain controller offline to rebuild it

Need to take an in-place upgraded PDC offline to rebuild it and use the second and third freshly-built 2003 DCs to handle services? Our expert explains.

My goal is to take the in-place upgraded PDC offline to rebuild it, and in the interim, use the second and third freshly built 2003 DCs to handle services.

- Is there any relevance to the primary or secondary 'role' in AD integrated DNS? I didn't think so but was not sure.
- Has anyone had any problems with removing a DC from a domain and trying to re-add it with the same name at a later date?
- What pitfalls am I potentially looking at with this scenario?

If a DNS Zone is Active Directory integrated, it can neither be primary or secondary for the zone. With AD Integrated all DNS servers are peers.

Yes, you will have a problem if you do not follow some specific procedures:

  • Move all of the Flexible Single Master Operations Roles (FSMO Roles) from the NT PDC upgraded machine to one of the other DCs.
  • Demote the PDC Upgraded machine to be only a member server
  • Remove the PDC upgraded machine from the domain and reboot. It is now a stand-alone server.
  • Rebuild the system
  • Add to domain
  • Upgrade to a DC in the Domain
  • Move FSMOs back if you desire.

Follow the procedure and there should not be any pitfalls. The best way to move FSMOs is by using NTDSUTIL from the SUPPORT TOOLS.;en-us;255504

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