Taking the primary domain controller offline to rebuild it

Need to take an in-place upgraded PDC offline to rebuild it and use the second and third freshly-built 2003 DCs to handle services? Our expert explains.

My goal is to take the in-place upgraded PDC offline to rebuild it, and in the interim, use the second and third freshly built 2003 DCs to handle services.

- Is there any relevance to the primary or secondary 'role' in AD integrated DNS? I didn't think so but was not sure.
- Has anyone had any problems with removing a DC from a domain and trying to re-add it with the same name at a later date?
- What pitfalls am I potentially looking at with this scenario?

If a DNS Zone is Active Directory integrated, it can neither be primary or secondary for the zone. With AD Integrated all DNS servers are peers.

Yes, you will have a problem if you do not follow some specific procedures:

  • Move all of the Flexible Single Master Operations Roles (FSMO Roles) from the NT PDC upgraded machine to one of the other DCs.
  • Demote the PDC Upgraded machine to be only a member server
  • Remove the PDC upgraded machine from the domain and reboot. It is now a stand-alone server.
  • Rebuild the system
  • Add to domain
  • Upgrade to a DC in the Domain
  • Move FSMOs back if you desire.

Follow the procedure and there should not be any pitfalls. The best way to move FSMOs is by using NTDSUTIL from the SUPPORT TOOLS. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;255504

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