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Task Scheduler will not run unless I change my password

I use Task Scheduler to back up documents from a workstation to a file server daily. The setup requires the use of password to run. However, every time I change my log in password because of policy, the Task Scheduler will not run unless I also change the password. This is annoying if I do this to every Win2K computer that backs-up daily. Win XP task scheduler has an option to run only when logged on. Is there similar option in Windows 2000? If none, is there any work-around so that I will no longer have to change the password in Task Scheduler to make it run?
This is a problem I've actually wrestled with myself on the server end. If you have a service that runs under the auspices of the administrator account and you change that account's password, the service will not start correctly unless you update the stored copy of the password for that service. I found this out the hard way when I discovered that tasks scheduled to run through SQL Server Agent weren't running after I changed the administrator password (since they were running under that account and not the SQL Server "sa" account, which hadn't changed).

One possible way to get around this is to have a separate account created on that system specifically for running scheduled tasks, one which doesn't require its password to be reset as aggressively but which has the needed permissions to get everything done. (The Task Scheduler has built-in provisions for running a task with different user credentials.) This is the approach I used. If you use a fairly cryptic username and password, it should not be susceptible to attack (if that's a concern).

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