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Task that calls a .bat file hangs regularly

I have a server running Windows 2000 with 256 MB RAM. I have several tasks scheduled, but one that calls a .bat file seems to hang every other day. I use this same standard across many other identical servers with no problem. I can delete it but when MSTASK.EXE hangs, it cannot be stopped -- it just says "Stopping" in the services window. I tried to use KILL.EXE and that doesn't do anything either. Any suggestions? Would using the .cmd extension improve performance/reliability? Could I copy over the MSTASK.EXE from another PC as a start? Thanks.
I don't know of a specific solution, but the issue may not be with Scheduled Tasks. Delete the scheduled task then manually execute the .bat file at the necessary time each day for five days. If the script hangs, then you know the script is the problem not Scheduled Tasks. If it is a script issue, you'll have to troubleshoot it. If it is Scheduled Tasks, I would first seek out a hotfix (if there is one). You could check the version and file size on all Scheduled Tasks-related files to make sure they have not been corrupted or damaged. A tool called ProcessEX from SysInternals.com and WinInternals.com can help you find all the related files.

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