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The Active Directory install wizard is freezing my Win2k Advanced Server

I'm having difficulty installing Active Directory in Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I installed DNS and went on to the Active Directory wizard, and now I'm having trouble processing it. It is freezing up on me. Is there a checklist that I can go by? The purpose of using the Advanced Server is to install a standalone Web and e-mail server. I hope you can help.
First, you do not need Advanced Server for anything that you just mentioned. Windows 2000 Server (Standard) will suite you just fine. If the system is hanging during the installation of Active Directory there are a few things to check:

  1. Hardware is all on the Hardware Compatibility List. If it isn't, you could run into a problem like this -- but often the problem will show up in other situations, like the initial install of the OS.

  2. BIOS/Firmware. Make sure that all of the system BIOS and controller card firmware is up-to-date. On older machines this can be especially troublesome.

  3. Double check you DNS configuration. Run NETDIAG prior to DCPROMO to see if there are any issues with DNS registrations. Check the event log as well. If the problem isn't hardware this is the next best candidate for issues.

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