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The SMS2003 Advanced Client has begun rebooting my 2K File server.

The SMS2003 Advanced Client has begun rebooting my 2K File server. The only way to stop it is to disable the SMS Host agent. I have applied patch KB831648 to resolve the Firing Agent issues that I thought were causing this issue, and although the Firing Agent errors have gone, the server will still reboot itself until I disable the service. I hope to find a solution or an avenue to take here, else I cannot have SMS on that server.
I doubt it's the SMS service itself that is causing the reboot, but probably the interaction of the SMS service and something else running on the server. I would actually need to know more about the server, its services and the applications running on it to get a better feel for the problem you are having. To help troubleshoot the problem, look in the SMS 2003 Concepts, Planning, and Deployment Guide for the specific log files to look through for possible explanations to the problem. You can find the guide online: http://www.microsoft.com/smserver/techinfo/productdoc/default.asp

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