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The impact of moving to Exchange 2000

What will be the impact of Exchange 5.5 after an upgrade to Exchange 2000? What will need to be done before the upgrade to Exchange 2000?
These questions are somewhat vague, so it's a little difficult to answer. Basically, the impact will depend on the type of upgrade you're doing. If, for example, you're doing an in-place upgrade, the impact will be that Exchange 5.5 will no longer exist. In addition, anyone with a mailbox on the system would have to wait for the upgrade to complete in order to access their mailbox.

If you're doing some sort of a migration, or a swing upgrade where you introduce a new Exchange 2000 server computer and then move mailboxes from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000, then the impact would be less dramatic. That is, you can then migrate folks over at your and/or their convenience. In addition, the number of folks who will be without e-mail will be much less, as only those whose mailboxes are being moved will be unable to access e-mail.

There are several things that need to be done before upgrading. I recommend reading Microsoft's Exchange 2000 Upgrade Series documents. You might also be interested in their Capacity Planning and Topology Calculator as well as other sizing tools.

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