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Track IP address of virus sender's system

Learn the tools you need to track an IP address of a virus sender's system.

How can I track the IP address of the virus sender's system?
You can use a tool like Sam Spade to "help" you find the source of the infected item by parsing e-mail headers and performing Who is lookups on the source IP addresses.

The bad news is that it will usually lead to a dead end (unregistered block of IP addresses) or a zombie (Grandpa's unprotected and severely infected machine). Not to say that work won't pay off at all, because now you can filter all mail coming from that IP address. But, you know the downside -- there are bad people that aren't directly involved with these bots. And there are plenty more zombies for the bots to use.

I think as long as you are going to stay connected to the Internet you have to consistently ask yourself: How can I do a better job of preventing the viruses I'm receiving from infecting me?

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