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Tracking blind-copied e-mail

Is there a way for me to know if somebody is being blind copied (BCC:) on an e-mail I receive? There are two perspectives...

on this question, namely that of the recipient and the administrator's perspective. If you are the recipient --in other words if someone has sent you a message and included someone else on the Bcc: line prior to sending-- then there's really nothing about the message that will reveal that it was blind copied. So if you're an end user with no administrative permissions to your environment, there's really nothing you can do.

If, however, you're an administrator of an organization and have been asked to perform a forensic-type audit to determine if someone received a Bcc: of a specific message, then assuming you have message tracking enabled in your environment, you may be able to track the message (either track "by message ID" if you know the message ID or "by sender" assuming you know the sender). Tracking the message may reveal that it was sent to two parties in which case you've found out who was blind copied on the message.

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