Tracking users' Web site visits

An admin reports that his company's Internet connection slows down considerably at times. He wants to know how to monitor which Web sites his users are going to and when.

We currently have a Windows 2003 Server with a single domain. About 30 users use the internet through a Cisco 2621 T1 connection.

The Internet connection slows down considerably at times for no apparent reason. My question is, how can I monitor which Web sites users are accessing and when? I also want to make sure there isn't any abuse going on. I've blocked just about every port that I could think of, including FTP, but so far, it hasn't solved the problem.

My recommendation is that you deploy a proxy server such as Microsoft's ISA Server or similar solutions from companies such as GFI or Web Sense, which can report on Web usage and restrict Internet access based on time of day, URL content and other factors.

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