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Training advice for a 16-year SQL Server expert

I have been in the Windows system design and development market for 16 years, using SQL Server since it was launched. I have managed thick- and thin-client projects, designing all aspects of the database, including DTS and replication, plus middle tiers and clients. I enjoy managing all segments of the project lifecycle.

I have the following MCP certifications: NT Enterprise, NT Workstation and Networking Essentials. My hands-on skills are with all aspects of SQL Server (all versions) and Visual Basic 6.

What training would you advise me to take in order to continue to make myself attractive to employers? I am 41 years of age.
You should definitely consider pursuing the Microsoft MCDBA certification, given your skills and background. You can read more about this credential and its requirements. Given your particular focus on the job, you might also want to consider going after the MCSE or perhaps one of the Microsoft developer certifications: either MCAD or MCSD, to be precise. Visit Microsoft's MCP site and follow the "Microsoft Certifications" left-hand menu to learn more about any or all of these programs. SQL Server continues to gain market interest and momentum, so you're following a pretty good line of work right now.

Thanks for your posting. Please e-mail me at if you have additional comments or questions.


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