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Trouble creating a new GPO with GPMC

I am attempting to install XP SP2 using the software install feature in GPO using GPMC. So far I cannot get it to install and have received several errors that I have looked up on TechNet. The directions on the MS Web site are not real clear if you are used to doing this policy creation/security settings in GPMC.(#324750) I am unable to get the security right, apparently, as well as getting the policy to work. Please help with a better step by step of creating a new GPO with GPMC. The last step is what I am confused on since I cannot find the "apply group policy security" checkbox.
You're right. That article is quite confusing. I think it's because they're showing step-by-steps of the "old school" interface, and not the GPMC. Regardless, I doubt the "security settings" section is what's tripping you up. Go back to where the application is stored on the server. Is your share point readable by "Everyone"? If not, some systems might have problems. For deploying Windows XP / Service Pack 2 in specific, I suggest you take a look at the following document instead: Windows XP / Service Pack 2 Deployment Implementation Guide for the Enterprise

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