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Trouble installing a Blackberry device

I am currently trying to install a Blackberry device on our PCs at work, as we have various different types of builds and lock down policies I am finding it difficult to understand why this software will not install. What I do know is that various group policies have been applied to enable system restrictions and user restrictions. As we no longer have a name or contact for the person who created the build we need to explore every avenue possible to try and identify why the software will not install.

Error during installation:- Error 1335: DATA1.CAB required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from CD or a problem with this package.

I have looked up this error message and tried all the Internet has to offer but with still no joy. I am now looking into the possibility that a policy has been set to restrict users from installing certain types of applications even though they have admin rights. As I am new to the world of group policies I am not sure what to look for with regards the possible restriction, although I am familiar with the basics of gpedit. Any help would be most appreciated.
This really doesn't sound like a problem with any Group Policy Objects restricting your use. Really -- it sounds like a corrupted CD or download. Here's what I would do to test: Take that installation media to a 100% fresh installation of Windows 2000 or Windows XP. If it still doesn't load, you've got bad media. If it does load, there might some sort of DLL conflict on the machine. However, in either case, I don't suspect Group Policy to be at fault for this one.

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