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Trouble using graphics card with Windows XP Pro

I am running Windows XP Pro on a PIII 500 and having a problem with my graphics card (AGP FX 5700). I install it, set it up and it works fine. I reboot and it says it has a problem in Device Manager and stops working. If I disable it and enable it again, then it works fine until I reboot. Then it's back to the error message in Device Manager again. I tried uninstalling it physically and then reinstalling it. I tried different drivers and even tried a different graphics card (NVIDIA MX 400). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
Sounds like you've done a great job of troubleshooting the issue so far and at least ruling out the specific hardware and drivers as the cause of the issue. I'm inclined to think that this is a problem with a corrupt system file or registry entry. I would start by running Windows Update followed by the System File Checker (Logon as Administrator, Click Start --> Run --> Type sfc /scannow in the text box).

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